Performances or plenary meetings.

Rental of the theater room includes dressing room 117.

Dimentions of the stage:

With seats: 8.10 meters (width) by 7.30 meters (depth).
Without seats: without seats: 8.85 meters (width) by 13.45 meters (depth). without side curtains, with a backdrop.


The theater can accommodate up to 102 people.


  • piano;
  • hardwood floor;
  • for technical facilities: see contact
  • separate dressing room.

Additional materials, such as a microphone, projector, and laptop, can be rented separately. Please refer to the room rental price list for the available options.

Renting the bar:

If you rent the theater room, it’s possible to rent the bar with a turnover guarantee. For prices, please check our room rental price list. For more information about the possibilities, please contact us directly at or 030-253 8448 (available Tuesday through Friday, preferably in the morning).


An overview of the prices for rooms and facilities can be found on the room rental price list.


For inquiries, you can contact us at or call 030-253 8787 (available on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday).