1. What are the opening hours of the Parnassos course administration?

The Parnassos course administration desk is opened Monday to Wednesday 15.00-18.00h and Thursday 15.00-17.00h. During opening hours, you can also reach us by phone at 030 253 8441. If you’d rather send an email, please send it to

2. I would like information about a different facility of Parnassos than the courses. Where can I find such information?

Any questions about the Parnassos Pass, with which you may make use of Parnassos’ facilities for practice, are best directed to the reception desk at 030 253 8448 or by mail at If you would like to rent a room or the bar, please contact facility management at 030 253 8787 or by mail at

Registering for a course

1. When do the new courses start?

Check the course page for current enrollment dates. 

2. When does course registration start?

Check the course page for current enrollment dates. 

3. I would like to participate in an advanced class, but I am not sure if I meet the requirements. How can I find out?

Send an email to our course administration at They can answer all your questions regarding entry requirements.

4. I would like to participate in a photography course, but I do not know if my camera is suitable for the course. How do I find out?

Most of our photography courses are taught in Dutch, therefore please also check whether the course is open to English speaking participants. First take a good look at the description of the course to see which requirements your camera must meet and check whether your camera is suitable. This information is often showed at the top of the page. Are you still in doubt? Send an email to the course administration,, stating the type of camera and the course you want to participate in. We will then contact the teacher, after which we will inform you about this.

5. I don’t have internet, I can’t pay online or something repeatedly goes wrong with the online registration. Can I register in another way?

Yes, that’s possible. You can also register at the course administration desk from Monday to Wednesday between 3:00 pm and 6:00 pm or Thursday between 3:00 pm and 5:00 pm. In that case, take your debit card with you and, if applicable, your student card/friends card.

6. I want to register online and I am already known to Parnassos, but the system does not recognize me.

Neem contacPlease contact the course administration (, so that we can see if we can find you and what is going wrong. Often we can solve the problem immediately.

7. When I try to register online, the screen freezes. What should I do?

If something goes wrong with the registration, this could be due to several reasons. Here you will find some tips:

  • Don’t click back and forth between screens too much. This can cause errors.
  • Have you taken courses before? Then click at the top of the registration form on ‘my details are already known to Parnassos’. You will then go through a shortened registration process and, moreover, your data will not be duplicated in our system. Duplicate data can also cause errors.
  • Does your site refuse to go to iDeal? Then this may have to do with your firewall and/or your browser. Try again from a different browser.

Still not working? Then make a print screen of your error message and send it along with an email to the course administration, We can then help you quicker and in this way you also contribute to the improvement of our system.

8. I registered online, but I did not receive a confirmation email. Did everything go well?

If you have registered online, you will always receive a confirmation e-mail at the e-mail address known to us. Didn’t receive anything? Then this can have several causes:

  • The email has ended up in your spam folder.
  • Your e-mail address is not (or no longer) active or there is a typing error. This is the most common cause. Has the amount been debited from your account? Then it is likely that you are simply registered.
  • Your registration did not go well. In this case, the course fee is probably not debited either.

In the latter two cases, always contact the course administration to check your details.

9. I have registered for a course and have received a confirmation. Will I receive another confirmation for this course before it actually starts?

No. If you have registered for a course and received a confirmation, you can simply come to class on the day it is supposed to start. We will contact you only in case of changes to the schedule, postponement, or cancellation of the course.

10. Why do I have to regularly check my SPAMbox if I have registered for a course?

Certain mail systems mark mail from Utrecht University as SPAM, even if the mail is addressed directly to you. Therefore, check your SPAM box regularly so as not to miss any messages about, for example, your registration, start date of your course and reimbursement in the event that your course cannot take place unexpectedly.

11. I have registered for a course that has not started yet, but changed my mind about participating. I would like to:

  • take part in a different class. If the course you would like to part in has not yet started and still has room for more participants, this might very well be possible. Please send an email to the course administration with your name, the course you are currently registered for and the course you would like to change to. If the course you are changing to is more expensive, the difference in price can be paid at the course administration desk. If the course is actually cheaper, the difference in price will be returned to you.
  • get my money back. Unfortunately, this is only possible if we are able to find a replacement for you. If there is already a waiting list for the course you wish to withdraw from, we will attempt to find someone to take your place. If we are not able to find someone in this manner, you can ask around and see if you can find a substitute yourself. If no replacement is found, however, the course fee will not be returned to you. Exceptions to this rule are only possible if the reason for withdrawing is of a medical nature. Please check here for the terms and conditions here.

12. I don’t speak Dutch. What courses can I register for?

As a non-Dutch speaker, you can register for several courses. The English online overview of our courses shows you which are suitable. All courses marked with an asterisk (*) in our course brochure are also accessible to English-speaking participants. Be advised though, that the main language of the courses is Dutch, but the teacher will also offer English instructions. Only courses marked with double asterisk (**) are fully taught in English.

13. Is it possible for an international / non-Dutch student to register for courses online?

For a number of reasons, this is usually not possible. Registering online is only possible through the Dutch portion of our website. If you want to register online, you will need to: able to fill out and complete the registration form in Dutch;

  • be able to fill out and complete the registration form in Dutch;
  • be able to pay by iDeal online banking. This is usually not possible for international students.

We therefore advise you to register at the course administration desk.

14. What should I bring with me when registering for a course?

When you come to register for a course, you will need the following:

  • Dutch address information and phone number
  • Pin pass (we only accept Maestro)
  • If applicable: student pass or other document of proof of enrollment at the University of Utrecht.

If you do not have a Maestro pin pass, please contact the course administration at or stop by the course administration desk to discuss the possibilities.

Skipping a class or withdrawing from a course

1. I would like to inform you that I need to skip a class. How/where can I do this?

Of course, it is possible that you need to skip a class due to illness or other obligations. Please be sure to report this beforehand by calling us at 030 253 8448 or by sending an e-mail to

2. I think the level of the course is either too high or too low for me. Can I still change to a different course?

If you already started a course but get the feeling that the level is either too high or too low for you, please report this to your teacher and the course administration as soon as possible. The teacher and you will then discuss whether this is indeed the case. If the teacher agrees with your assessment, the course administration will try to help you find a different course more suited to your level of expertise.

3. I have registered for a course that has not yet started. Can I still cancel my registration?

If you have registered for a course, you can cancel your registration up to 4 weeks before the start of the course. You will then be refunded the full course fee. After that, refunds are only possible for medical reasons. See the terms and conditions, which you agreed to when registering for the course.

4. I would like to withdraw from a course that has already started. Is that possible and will I get a refund?

If a course has already started, a refund of the participation fee is only possible if the reason for withdrawing is of a medical nature. Be sure to thoroughly read the terms and conditions you agreed to when registering for the course. It includes a clause that deals with withdrawing from a course. If you still have any questions, feel free to contact the course administration.

Rates and payments

1. I would like to register for a course, but there are three different prices listed. What’s that about?

This has to do with the different rates we maintain for different groups of people. Please check here for a detailed explanation.

2. I am not a student at Utrecht University, HU, UvH or HKU, but I do study at a different university. Can I also receive a discount?

It depends on the university at which you are a student. Look here for a list of institutions to which we can offer a discount.

3. I am currently working on my PhD at the University of Utrecht / UMC. Which rate applies to me?

Als je een PhD volgt aan de UU of het UIf you are working on a PhD at the University of Utrecht or UMC, the second price rate applies to you. Be sure to bring along proof of your situation when coming by to register (paycheck, employee’s pass, etc.)

4. Due to recent changes, a different rate should now apply to me. How can I adjust this?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to change this yourself. The course administration, however, can adjust this for you with a single click of a button. Be sure to contact them before registering. We are currently working on a system that will allow you to change this yourself, but it is not yet operational. 

5. If I want to pay for a course, the amount is too high or too low. What now?

Please contact the course administration before paying. This probably has to do with the rate group you are in now. The course administration can immediately adjust this for you, after which you can register with the correct amount.

6. After I have made my payment, I do not get redirected back to the website, and I get a white screen instead. The course fee has been debited from my account. Am I registered now?

If the amount has been debited, there is a good chance that you are registered. To be on the safe side, always contact the course administration: they can immediately see whether you are registered correctly. You will also always receive a confirmation email from us at the email address known to us. Didn’t you get it? Then see what you need to do at Register for a course above.

Compliments and complaints

Are you satisfied with our services or one of our courses? We would love to hear about it! But even if you are not satisfied we appreciate your feedback. Only your detailed criticism or complaint will allow us to take steps toward improvement. We take all complaints seriously and will immediately see what we can do to resolve the issue. Complaints and compliments can also be sent to the course administration via Do you have a complaint about a specific course? Be sure to report this to the teacher as well, so he or she can address the problem immediately.