During last week’s Christmas Dinner Show, we learned that we are all a SnowQ. The evenings were filled with delicious food, spectacular choreographies, extravagant costumes, and fantastic music.

The performance was created by the three makers – Sophia Maria, Frank, and Alberto – and by students from Parnassos. Elisavet is one of those students. Over the past week, she took over Parnassos’ Instagram and shared the backstage experience.

“I never imagined my singing could take me beyond the shower, but Parnassos changed everything. The SnowQ provided an incredible opportunity for me to showcase my talent and, most importantly, have an absolute blast doing it. I had an incredible time with my fellow performers, and I’m immensely grateful to Frank, Sophia, and Alberto for their understanding and patient guidance.”

Elisavet, Performer The SnowQ

Our house photographer, Maarten Mooijman, captured the vibes backstage and the performance. Have a peak at the experience we call The SnowQ.