Discover our brand-new ‘Parnassos Film Club’ this fall! Get ready for a cinematic experience in our cozy theater.

Every movie night at the Parnassos Film Club has a unique theme. We collaborate with various film festivals to create a fitting program for each night. The film and the program are primarily in English, making the Film Club accessible to as many people as possible.

The additional program varies, sometimes taking a scientific approach, and other times providing musical entertainment. The program aligns with the themes of the movie. This way, as a movie enthusiast, you are stimulated to experience the film you have just watched in a new way.

Our theater, equipped with a projector, warmly welcomes up to 100 visitors, occasionally featuring background music. Unfortunately, popcorn is not allowed in the theater, but worry not! After the film, you can enjoy some popcorn and engage in post-movie discussions with fellow film enthusiasts.

On November 9th, we are hosting the first edition in collaboration with InScience – International Science Film Festival Nijmegen. Click here for all information and tickets. Don’t miss it as we transform Parnassos into a magical cinematic oasis.